Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Chicago's Drag Scene The Focus Of A New Weekly Podcast

With over 60 drag shows taking place in Chicago each month, performer Dakota Conduct decided that the time was right to create a weekly discussion hub for all things regarding the Chicago drag scene, body positivity, and social media discussions.

Premiering this week, THOTS & SHARES is a weekly free podcast that will bring Chicagoans interviews with top performers, information on upcoming shows, and hopefully will provoke discussions on social media about "fake news" and current events.

Dakota says, "We want to highlight rising stars on social media in Chicago or popular nightlife dancers local to Chicago by having an IG Thot of the Week. We want to highlight body positivity, so we will include male/female thots of all shapes, sizes, and color!"

You can catch the first podcast with co-host Lexi Pro Cute on Thots & Shares' Facebook page or website.

New episodes come out each Tuesday, and you can subscribe to them on Google Play or on Apple iTunes/Podcast apps.

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