Sunday, October 15, 2017

Where Are They Now? Heading West

Those who remember former 46th Ward alderman Helen Shiller might be interested to know that she has moved her "resilient & relentless" activism from Uptown to Chicago's West Side.

Brendan Shiller is holding a fundraiser for his Westside Justice Center and in honor of his mother's 70th birthday.

According to Brendan, "Helen wants to enjoy her birthday with family and friends, and also raise awareness and resources for her current passion, the Westside Justice Center (WJC), a new collective of legal professionals and activists who provide holistic pro bono legal services, legal literacy, and paralegal and human rights investigator training for community members." More information is here.


  1. Our loss(gain) is the west side's loss(loss). I'm lost. I'm forlorn. I'm adrift on a sea of ennui knowing that in spirit at least Helen has abandoned us. I was so looking forward to her meddling in the next election.

    I'm happy though that the Westside Justice Center seems to think that sponsors are going to be lining up to donate and sit down with Helen. That amuses me. Perhaps I'm wrong though. I once thought Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were in everlasting love, just as I thought Helen would never abandon her beloved Uptown--at least metaphorically.

    I like the ticket prices for the shindig. Ever consider a "FOH" Friend of Helen ticket at say $70? I hate to give free advice to people who charge for it, but there I just did it. Also the word is spelled I N C L U D E D. I mean I understand typos hapennz,m but pleasz.

    It also brings mild joy to my heart to see that the invitation basically has something that while not quite a run on sentence is certainly a jogging at a decent pace sentence.

    There a certain "justice" in that the story immediately below this one is about a lot that had been vacant for 45 years being developed. "Justice" is such a sweet word sometimes. I walk around the hood and see the construction crane at Maryville and all the other development going on and think that perhaps like Jiminy Cricket I should break out into song. Then I realize I can't sing.

    President Obama said the arc of history is long and it bends towards justice. I hope that's true and perhaps we have evidence of that as Helen holds fundraisers on the West side and construction and cranes dot our hood.

    1. On further reflection something really really really really bothers me about this. Really.

      How come I could spend $100 to attend this and NOT be invited to the VIP gathering? That seems.....I'm looking for a begins with the letter "C" not that not that other word either.......CLASSIST.

      I mean I would think for one hundred smackers the VIP gathering would be "INCUDED". How far Helen has fallen. I've lost my faith in humanity.

      This is like finding out Santee Claus isn't real....again. I need a moment here. Excuse me. I'm having a PTSD(Post Traumatic Shiller Disorder) issue. I'll be right back.

      Whew, those yoga exercises help. Ok, this VIP stuff "triggered" something in my memory or is it my memory of mammaries? How many of you recall way back in 2012 when Shiller was listed as a lobbyist for the VIP Pooh Bah Gentlemen's Club? I see some quizzical looks out there. Let me provide a misogynist link.

      Yes, I know I just triggered some bad memories in some of you and I regret that, but like cutting out a cancer it had to be done.

      In the unlikely event anyone inclined to pay out to attend the Shiller Shindig reads this let me suggest you skip it. There are other charities out there that while perhaps less HOLE istic are certainly more worthy of your support.

      The rant is ended go in peace.