Friday, September 29, 2017

State Denies Funding For Sarah's Circle Move Down The Block

UU Note:
Sarah's Circle already has a permanent location at 4838 N. Sheridan where they do great work, as well as a shelter rented in the ICA Building. We are thankful that they will be able to remain in Uptown in their 2 current locations, but it appears the expansion planned at Sheridan & Leland will not be happening. 
The proposed site of the Sarah's Circle expansion at Sheridan & Leland

Via Truman Square Neighbors Facebook:

"Board members of Truman Square Neighbors and residents from Lakeside Area Neighbors' Association attended this morning's meeting of IHDA (Illinois Housing Development Authority). Decisions were announced for which organizations would be granted funds for their development projects – Sarah's Circle was applying for approximately $14,000,000 for their project.
Three City of Chicago developments were approved for funds, as were 17 other developments throughout the state. The Sarah's Circle proposal WAS NOT awarded grant funds. According to the purchase agreement between Sarah's Circle and the property owner, upon this decision, the property can be re-listed for sale.

The TSN board will watch this situation for any further news or developments, and will continue to monitor the status of this building."


  1. I think this was a good decision all around. The concentration of homeless, shelters, gangs, and drugs on that block is too high already. Placing at-risk women into the mix would be setting them up for failure instead of giving them a jump start into a new life.

  2. Yes, I agree, Uptown unfortunately has too much going on with all kinds of organizations. Many of these organizations are not being helpful at all and putting everyone at risk. The City of Chicago needs to investigate. Ald. Capleman is not doing his job. By the way, don't you think the Public hearing sign should be taken down---it's well expired!