Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Great News! Elevators and Escalators Are Part of Uptown Rapid Transit For First Time, Beginning Wednesday

It's an improvement 110 years in the making!

Ever since the Wilson L became a double-level station back in 1907, people who were not able to use staircases were simply out of luck. No accessibility options were available to them, at Wilson or at any station in Uptown.

That changes Wednesday, as the elevators and escalators go into service at Wilson as part of the renovation of the station.

CTA says,
"The new, permanent Wilson station main entrance on the south side of Wilson Avenue will open.

The new main entrance will be staffed and include fare vending machines, digital train arrival signs, and an elevator, escalator and stairs between the stationhouse and platform. With its opening, the Wilson station will be accessible to customers with disabilities.

The entrance on the north side of Wilson Avenue will temporarily close to complete its construction and conversion to a farecard-only auxiliary entrance. All station access will be through the new main entrance on the south side of Wilson Avenue during this phase of construction.

There are no changes to boarding or exiting trains."
CTA will continue the completion of the rest of the station, tracks, and entrances/exits for another few weeks.

As we mentioned last week, the workers will pour the asphalt on the west side of Broadway next week, completing the street reconstruction, and are in the process of aligning the four new tracks that were built as part of the renovation of the station.

Fireworks animation courtesy of Best Animations.com.


  1. That's great what you're doing and we appreciate it. But the picture that you have above this box says that the purple line travels to the east on the old track which is impossible because I don't even know if that track is even connected as of yet. But all I know is a week and a half or two weeks ago there still was a little bit of a gap in between the Evanston Express line and where it turns and merges with Wilson stop

    1. The rendering is from the CTA. Click on the link in our last paragraph. It describes how the CTA is still aligning the four tracks. Track 4 was aligned last weekend. Track three will be aligned this weekend. When all four tracks are realigned, Purple Line service will begin at Wilson.