Wednesday, September 20, 2017

CTA Video Of Wilson Station, Past and Present

CTA posted CTAConnections' YouTube video about today's partial opening of the Wilson Red Line station, and says:

"This morning, we opened the new main entrance to the Wilson station in Uptown! The $203M project is completely rebuilding a deteriorated and nearly century-old building that was once called CTA’s “crustiest” station.

Some work is still underway at this entrance and on other parts of the station, but we opened it early following Mayor Emanuel’s promise to the community to make the station's new elevator access available for use as soon as possible. Later this fall, we’ll complete work on the main entrance, as well as two other entrances on Broadway and Sunnyside.

Also, when we complete the ongoing platform work up top next month, Wilson will become a transfer point between Red and Purple Line--a new place to do so Howard and Belmont when Purple Line Express service is operating (Red Line trains, of course, will continue to stop here 24/7).

In addition to the work to rebuild Wilson and create a new transfer station, this massive infrastructure project also includes the reconstruction of a half-mile of tracks and structure, moving the four-track right-of-way slightly to the west and resuling in dramatic improvements to the pedestrian and street environment along Broadway.

Check out this video featuring historical photos of the old station and some way-cool drone footage taken this week."

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