Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Voting Open On Proposed Special Use Permit For Cullom Sober Living House

photo courtesy Redfin
From Ald. Cappleman's office:

"928 Cullom, LLC, a privately held Illinois limited liability company, seeks a variance in the form of a special use permit to establish a sober living facility, which falls under the Transitional Residence definition that is found at 17-17-0102-A(7) of the Chicago Zoning Ordinance. The Special Use would be located at 928 W. Cullom Avenue.

Ald. Cappleman will rely on residents living within 250' of the proposed development to vote whether or not to accept a special use variance.

  • Voting can be by paper ballot or online and are due by 5pm on Thursday, July 13
  • Click here for more information
  • Click here to vote
  • Results will be provided after the 46th Ward Office verifies the addresses of those living within 250 feet of the proposal."


  1. This is one swank potential "sober house." I have to wonder what rates they will charge to live here, and what the length of the maximum stay will be. Also wonder whether they'll provide counseling and encourage their residents to find jobs. Mercy Housing, with several sites in Uptown (mostly around Argyle), just seems to allow its residents to congregate en masse on streetcorners. We do not need another facility like that.

    1. The residents would have to be sober for at least 30 continuous days before moving in and stay at the home for a minimum of three months at a cost of $3,000 per month, according to Nunez. Residents would have to work or volunteer full time between 9:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. and be prohibited from parking or loitering on neighborhood streets.

  2. Mercy is the worst. They have at least two properties on the 4700 block of Malden. At certain hours when the residents are all wandering, begging, and howling at the sky the block becomes reminiscent of a goofy Zombie apocalypse. They have zero standards and do not hold the residents accountable. I am pretty certain they house drug dealers, users, and prostitutes. I wish the city would investigate their practices and their subtle contributions to the neighborhood's crime. They are a despicable nuisance.

  3. This is a terrible location for another facility like this - right in the middle of a residential area with similar facilities already close by. Jesus, how unattractive can we make the neighborhood?!

  4. Sadly, I fully expect this to be voted down. I expect Marxist Manor to be approved. Can't win 'em all.

    If I were a business owner selling coffee or expensive pastries I'd want these folks in the hood. High incomes. Can't drink alcohol. That spells a whole lotta money spent on coffee and sweets.

    Oh well.

    By the way most people wouldn't even realize it was there.

    "Twelve Step House" on the SW corner of Sunnyside and Damen has been there for at least 40 yrs as my dad used to attend meetings there. I walked by it a few years back and some neighbors were asking "what is that place". You wouldn't even know unless you knew. Know what I mean?

    They too have a residential aspect to their mission. I was only familiar with the AA meetings aspect of it as that's what my dad was involved in.

    Place on Cullom would likely cause few if any problems. I'd rather live by a home like that than some apartment building loaded with post college idiots drinking from kegs and red cups.

  5. Homeowners on the street should be thrilled! Potential buyers LOVE half way houses next door. Recovering addicts hanging out with my kids - SIGN ME UP! It is GREAT for property values.

  6. Well Atlas, I just shrug at your comment. You won. Se la vie.
    I like your sarcasm and writing style though. Reminds me of a mope who went by the moniker "Jasper" on here. He left for the burbs after his candidate got trounced. Real whiner. Might have had some addiction issues himself.


  7. 928 Cullom - Open house Saturday, September 23rd, from 12pm - 2pm.

  8. The house is for sale. Open House Sept. 30 from 12pm-2pm