Friday, July 21, 2017

More Details On Future of Wilson Men's Hotel

Here are a few more details about the future of the Wilson Men's Hotel after its sale earlier this week.

Per comments on UU's Facebook page by members of City Pads' management, we have learned:
  • Construction is anticipated to begin in about a year.
  • This is because the first priority is to find safe and affordable housing for the men who currently live at the hotel. This is estimated to take 6 to 12 months.
  • Many of the current tenants are eligible for senior programs and/or housing.
  • City Pads has hired a team to work with the residents to help them relocate into better situations. Ald. Cappleman told them that was the first priority.
  • Twenty percent of the three City Pads current projects in Uptown and Edgewater (851 Montrose/Hazelton, 1124 Wilson/Wilson Men's Hotel, and 6145 Broadway) will be affordable housing. The rest will be market rate.


  1. It speaks well of them that they're handling this in a professional, humane manner, and not simply throwing the residents out onto the street. Some landlords would do just that.

  2. I wonder just how many of those men are dependent on Social Sec'y benes or Social Sec'y disability? They can't be getting much money from either.