Friday, June 16, 2017

Shred Those Credit Card Offers!

A reminder that this really happens.

A reader wrote, "Last night my housekeeper was leaving and snapped this pic of a guy going through the recycle bins on my street. He was taking out credit card offers. Probably to use for identity theft! He went from bin to bin. He snapped a pic of him. This was on W Carmen between Broadway & Glenwood."

So it's not just an urban myth. Shred those offers and papers with personal information instead of putting them out on the street.

'Tis the season for shredding events. We know of three in the area in the next month or so, including one tomorrow:
  • MB Bank parking lot, Clark and Belmont (see flyer below), 1pm-4pm on Saturday, June 17
  • Ald. Cappleman's office, 4544 North Broadway, 9am-noon on Saturday, July 29th
  • 40th Ward Sanitation Office, 5333 North Western, 9am-noon on Saturday, August 5
  • If you Google shred events, you will find many that banks, community groups, and aldermen across the city and suburbs hold all summer long.

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  1. Identity theft is a real threat and definitely cause to shred anything tied to your existing bank, credit card, and retirement accounts, e.g. balance transfer checks and monthly statements. Once you've thrown a piece of mail away it's no longer protected by federal statute. Hopefully this is just miles churners looking for award coupons!