Friday, June 23, 2017

Don't Rain On Our Parade -- Or Park Near The Route

Hey, we're hosting a parade on Sunday! This is the sixth year that the Pride Parade kicks off in Uptown, so we're pretty good at it by now.

The parade's official start is at Montrose and Broadway at noon on Sunday, June 25.

The staging areas, where the participants line up, are on Montrose between Broadway and Clark, and on Broadway between Wilson and Montrose.

In previous years, the parades have lasted anywhere between three and four hours, so expect the staging areas to be occupied until at least 3pm.

The Grand Marshal of the Parade is Lea DeLaria, from Orange is the New Black.  According to the Sun-Times, "organizers say she’ll be out an hour before the parade’s start to mingle with the crowd."

Parking restrictions begin at 5am on Sunday and last through 8pm that evening. If you are not going to be using your car until then, move it ASAP. It gets incredibly congested here, and the City doesn't play around with tickets and tows. Find a place early if you won't be using your car until after the restrictions end.

This is where not to park in Uptown on Sunday (and remember to look for permit parking restrictions if you park on residential streets):
  • Broadway from Leland to Grace
  • Buena from Sheridan to Broadway
  • Clifton from Montrose to Sunnyside
  • Montrose from Greenview to Hazel
  • Sheridan from Sunnyside to Buena
  • Sunnyside from Broadway to Sheridan
There are no rooftop parties allowed along the parade route, and don't drink on the public way -- fines are going up to $1000 if you are ticketed.

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