Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Progress, Updates, and A Contest

Construction is in full swing at Clarendon and Montrose, as this photo taken last week shows.

If you're interested in following the progress, the developer of 811 Uptown is posting a monthly update on the 46th Ward site. The May newsletter includes a naming contest:
"We would like to offer a challenge competition to the Uptown neighborhood residents to name our tower crane for the project. A prize will be awarded to the person who picks the winning name. Submit your tower crane name to the project email address below. Creative names are encouraged and should represent Uptown proudly. Please feel free to include a description on how you came up with your name. Deadline for entries will be Monday, May 22."


  1. Uptown Rising

    Cranagra Crane + Viagra

    Viaane (see above)

    Cranalis Cialis +Crane

    Uptownasaurus Rex (Which roughly translates as Uptown King)

    I could go on, but why? American Democracy hangs by an orange haired thread and I'm playing here.

  2. Frasier Crane (or Martin Crane if you want a local connection--as that was the character played by Chicago thespian John Mahoney)