Friday, May 26, 2017

Lakeside Neighbors Block Club Expands Its Boundaries

Lakeside Area Neighbors Association has voted to expand its boundaries to include streets that are not presently represented by a block club. The new boundaries for the block club are Sheridan, Lawrence (both sides of the street), Clarendon, and the north side of Wilson.

Their next meeting will be held the last week of June. The date and location will be confirmed on their Facebook page:

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  1. Regarding proposed Malden street plans for 64 resident in 2 towers and 13 townhouses.

    I am opposed to such a plan as it totally disrespects the zoning and the people who bought believing in the protection of such zoning! It also represents a "F***you Uptown" attitude of the developers towards the residents here, thinking that the rules don't apply to them and they can do as they please.

    The Beacon St property is also an in your face example as it has pushed on every possible boundary beyond the setbacks. Apparently if it doesn't have a footing in the ground it can be cantilevered and exceed the setbacks rule as it floats in the air. Then to make it even more of an eyesore they added a wooden cage like structure around the 3 decks; which has no support benefit and amplifies the "F***You" Uptown effect and makes the visuals that much more displeasing because it has a heavy demanding look vs a simple railing around such a floating deck. In addition all that caging is forcing an unnecessary weight load onto the support beams. To what end? To piss off those of us living on Beacon St. The east side extends wsy beyond any of the neighboring structures before you add on the back decks. This building is taller and protrudes further from and back than any existing building. Why was that allowed????

    If you go to crafty beaver and look down the alley heading north you will see what a wall of townhomes will look like. Dominating and over powering. This dominating wall will be cutting off the majority of morning sunlight and the 2 towers would be much taller and much worse to look at.

    Please voice your displeasure to James Cappleman 46 ward alderman.