Saturday, May 6, 2017

A Fresh Harvest Market Revival?

The former (and future) Fresh Harvest Market at 4650 N. Sheridan
We were big fans of Fresh Harvest Market, the local grocery store that operated out of 4650 N. Sheridan initially opening back in February 2009 and closed two years later. It had a great selection of fresh produce, specialty items and delicious gelato.

Well, according to a neighbor on the Uptown Uplifted Facebook page, the shelves are being restocked and a revival of Fresh Harvest Market is on its way some 6 years after its closure.

We stopped by today and noticed lights on inside, and a handwritten sign on the door that was slightly ajar that read "please knock." The retail space had been on the market and is now showing "off the market" which is another definite sign something is in the works.

Once we get an opening date we will pass it along.

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  1. OMG! I really really hope this comes back, I loved that place. Is Izzy still the one running it?