Monday, March 27, 2017

Wilson L Construction Update

Wilson Avenue is closed to traffic until April 8

Interior work has begun on the Gerber Building

The canopy over both platforms has been connected
The main entrance to the Gerber Building
Looking through the current shell of the Gerber Building toward Broadway
Looking north along the new tracks
What you can expect in the near future around our Wilson Station via the CTA and photos of how the station has transformed:

- Demolition of last remaining old track south of Wilson

-Installing foundations for the final new track, starting down by Target and working back north. This should be completed within 3 weeks.

-Wilson Avenue will be closed to vehicular traffic until April 8 while workers install underground utilities for the new station as well as structural steel.

-Work will take place in the alley that is east of the tracks or north of Leland for the next few weeks to modify the existing structure for the new track.

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