Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Tour The Uptown Theater Fundraiser

Would you like to see Uptown Theater beyond an occasional peek inside when the lobby doors are open? Or in the occasional movie or video?

You can, for a political donation. There will be a tour of the largest freestanding theater in the country on May 17th. Details are here.The proceeds will go to the political war chest of Ald. Cappleman. (Please note that no photos are allowed.)

We rarely promote political fundraisers on this page. We feel that this is an occasion worthy of breaking that policy, given the high public interest in the Uptown Theater and the very limited access to it. We've been inside, twice. It smells dank, like an very old church. It is dark and cold. And it is magnificent. We hope to see it restored and want to see it in better circumstances. But seeing it, being inside, are experiences we are delighted to have had.


  1. Anyone know why no photography is allowed?

    1. I believe it is at the request of JAM, who owns the theater. Items have been scavenged from the theater for years, so maybe they don't want to give an inventory for thieves. Just a guess.

  2. So...$2500 to buy the alderman's ear?

    In the grand scheme of things, that seems pretty cheap. Maybe he's selling himself short.

  3. Smallest donation is $100. It'd be a nice experience, but not one for which I'm willing to pay that much.