Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Walls Come Tumblin' Down

While we were concentrating on the west building at the Maryville site, a reader sent in a photo of the east building, in the process of being demolished from the top down. If the mild weather holds, it's probable that both buildings will be gone by the end of February.


  1. Est in 1958 frank cuneo hospital in was born there in 1959 ..I hated to see all the changes in the last 25 plus years ..I always enjoyed walking by there saying I was born here..kind of sad😣😥

  2. That sentiment of missing the place where you were born I can understand. I have a neighbor who grew up on Junior Terrace and describes the little forest that existed where Imperial Towers sits today. Yet, I have bad memories of the that corner of Clarendon & Montrose. I got here back when all the DCFS wards taken from their abusive or neglectful parents were taken to and then housed in even worse conditions in the state's DCFS facility at 810 W Montrose. The kids were sleeping illegally in the windowless former basement morgue, running the streets all night as prostitutes and drug runners for the gangs, and allowed to sleep in and miss school all day. Every weekend there were cars with windows punched out by kids stealing air bags and CD players for money. I will not miss those battles with that totally screwed up state institution. When the Trib or Sun Times ran their expose on what goes on inside the relocated DCFS facility now, it was the same things we complained about 20 years ago. Sadly, that is something that should have improved over the years but that bad stuff stays the same while the good memories fade.