Friday, September 8, 2023

#TBT - Paris Dance Night Club

1985 photo by Robert W. Kreuger for Chicago Public Library

Located at 1122 West Montrose, Paris Dance opened in the mid-1980s as one of the few bars created solely for Chicago's lesbian clientele. Owner Linda S. Rogers wanted a space where women could feel safe. It was a dance club/bar/restaurant, but also functioned as a community space for fundraisers and social justice causes.

The parties in its parking lot on Pride Day were crowded and legendary.

Paris Dance closed in 1997 after Rodgers and her partner sold the property to a developer. A 42-unit condo building now stands at its location.

It's worth mentioning that former 46th Ward alderman Helen Shiller had a graphics printing business and, later, her aldermanic office, just north of Paris Dance, at 1140 West Montrose, and shared the parking lot with the club.

(Why was it shaped like a ship? Prior to becoming Paris Dance, Captain's Quarters Discount Fishing & Boating Supplies was located at 1122-1130 West Montrose.)

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