Friday, February 24, 2017

Sabah Shoes Pop-Up At The Guesthouse Hotel

Colorful, handmade Sabahs
The Sabah Dealer is bringing his Spring collection to The Guesthouse Hotel for two days only - March 4 - 5, from 12p - 5p each day. Here's your chance to check out these chic, handmade, leather espadrille-style shoes from Turkey just in time for your Spring break!

So, come join us for a drink, bring your friends, meet our friends. Sabahs will be available for purchase. Come do the Sabah at The Guesthouse Hotel!

For the uninitiated, you can learn more about Sabah at

Check out the Facebook event here

The Guesthouse Hotel is located on Clark just north of Lawrence at 4872 N. Clark

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