Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Ald. Cappleman: Iyanze Closed Until Further Notice & Investigation

from Ald. Cappleman's latest email:
"On Sunday, January 1st at 4:25 a.m., two individuals shot each other in a dispute at 4623 N. Broadway. Both men died as a result of their injuries later that morning. 

Public safety is crucial to the vibrancy of our neighborhoods, which is why I have asked Commander Buslik and Superintendent Johnson to enforce the "problem building" ordinance, which I had supported when it was passed in May 2015. This ordinance only allows for the closure of businesses in the most extreme of circumstances, including a homicide taking place within the business. 

Due to previous nuisance complaints from residents and neighboring businesses, I met with the operator of Iyanze this past June to discuss the late night parties that they were holding on premise and how they were disruptive to the neighborhood. Additionally, we discussed the limits of their business license and issues that may result if I continued to hear complaints about noise and other nuisance issues. I also asked them to participate in our Wilson Corridor task force of businesses, which includes the Chicago Police Department and the Cook County State's Attorney's Office, to promote public safety, which unfortunately they did not attend. Many businesses on Wilson and Broadway in this area are active participants on this task force which has made a major, positive impact on public safety in the area. 

The incident on New Year's Day was incredibly alarming due to the nature of the crime and the resulting gun fire that spread out into the street. We have not had an incident like this which resulted in a murder within a business since I have been Alderman, and I hope we never have one again. To protect our community and underscore the severity of this occurrence, I have asked the Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department, Eddie Johnson, to close Iyanze until the Chicago Police, the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection and the community have a full understanding of what happened. The business must also create and submit a nuisance abatement plan that includes reasonable steps to prevent another violent occurrence. 

We have many wonderful businesses on the 4600 block of Broadway. Please join me in continuing to visit these businesses and let them know how much we appreciate their continued effort to be a part of the community and their work with residents to increase public safety and economic development."


  1. Good Lord! What next? I hope that this is not an omen of how Year 2017 will be.

  2. I'm glad Alderman Capplemen did this.It sends a strong message.

  3. I see our friends in the activist community are throwing around words like "racist" and "legal action" regarding this situation.

    Really? There are a bunch of African restaurants in Uptown, including others on Broadway, and Cappleman only seems to be targeting this one. I wonder why?

    I suspect that if some restaurant in Uptown started hosting soirees for the Hell's Angels or the remnants of the old white gangs that used to be around here Cappleman might do the same thing in response to two people being killed.

    If Iyanze is thinking about legal action they need to consider the likely lawsuits coming from the families of the deceased. Going after the city or Cappleman will only backfire.

    Hold some marches--ya Morons.

    Do you idiots realize how bad this was? Two dead, another idiot firing a gun outside, and the weapons disappeared. That screams gang stupidity.

    If the owner of Iyanze is looking for business advice mine would be to tell the city you're going to abide by the regulations in your business license AND you're going to stop hosting banger buffets and soirees.

    I suspect they will reopen soon. If they keep hosting bangers though they might as well start looking for other work. Cappleman ain't Shiller and if he has a legal method to deal with crime he will use it. This ain't Shiller's Uptown my activist honeys. Some people will recognize my use of the word "honey" there.

    Now Iyanze is likely to be allowed to reopen soon. I hope they do and hope there's no more banger soirees or violence there.

  4. As I predicted Iyanze will reopen. Alderman Cappleman tweeted that they reopen tomorrow.

    Like President Trump I have the best brain. It's bigly.

    God, Save the American Republic!