Thursday, December 1, 2016

Work Underway At Upcoming Italian Restaurant From Owners Of Kal'ish

New windows being installed at 1309 W. Wilson
There are changes afoot on Wilson.

As Baker & Nosh prepares to vacate their space at 1303 W. Wilson for a much larger space at Wilson & Magnolia, the owners of the newly opened Kal'ish are preparing to take over all the retail spaces spanning 1303-1313 with their own restaurant concepts.

First up is a a still unnamed grab-and-go Italian restaurant at 1309 W. Wilson, next door to Kal'ish specializing in pasta dishes and pizza. Workers were seen today installing new windows and a pizza oven was being brought in.

No official word on the restaurant concept that will be taking over the current Baker & Nosh space but rumors of a Mexican restaurant or brunch spot have been mentioned.

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  1. My vote is for a brunch spot! Businesses like that can help change Uptown into a better neighborhood that people will want to hang out/live in.