Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Wilson Avenue Of Yesteryear Makes Brief Return For Filming

"Robby's Communications" has been transformed into "Blazes" Strip Club
If you were among the few that still long for the Wilson Avenue of 1970, you are in luck, albeit for a short while.
The storefront that is home to "Robby's Communications" at 1128 W. Wilson has been transformed into "Blazes" strip club which apparently carries the distinction of being Chicago's best in live adult entertainment.
Did someone pull a fast one in getting a strip club approved on Wilson Avenue? All signs point to no. There is a cherry picker on site, used for exterior camera shots and the signage looks very temporary. With all of the filming taking place in Uptown recently, the Wilson Men's Club must have fit the bill when a location scout was looking for a place to set a strip club.

Update: The upcoming drama "Chicago Justice" filmed in this location earlier today.

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  1. I remember Uptown being like that long past 1970. What year, for instance, did the seediest of seedy dive bars, the Wooden Nickel, close down?

    Uptown was bad news at least into the early 1990s, I think.