Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Time To Vote! Uptown vs. Bronzeville In The Curbed Cup

After handily winning against the South Loop in the first round of the "Curbed Cup," the polls are now open in the next round. In this round, Uptown is up against Bronzeville.  The post reads:
"In the first round of Curbed Cup voting, Uptown easily defeated the South Loop to cruise into the second round. However, they’re going to face perhaps a bigger challenge in Bronzeville. Like many neighborhoods throughout the North Side, Uptown has seen a slew of new proposals and redevelopment projects, including the reopening of art deco-era Lawrence House as a new apartment complex, the opening of the Argyle shared street, and the pending redevelopment of the old Cuneo Memorial Hospital/Maryville Academy campus, and the renovation of the Wilson Red Line station.

Uptown has been a formidable challenger since the beginning of the Curbed Cup challenge way back in 2010, but will they have what it takes to make it to the semifinals?"
Voting is only open for 24 hours and started Tuesday morning. Vote here!


  1. We don't WANT Uptown to win because we don't want our rent to go up! C'mon

  2. As of 4:45 PM the voting shows Uptown ahead by a 2 to 1 margin!!

    Uptown 67.04%
    Bronzeville 32.96%