Thursday, December 8, 2016

Proposed Zoning Change For Vintage Building At Leland & Sheridan

Leland/Sheridan as it looks today
Proposed building elevation along Leland

For years, we have admired the classic red brick building at the southwest corner of Leland and Sheridan with the terra cotta faces on it. It has been through a lot in the past couple decades. A slumlord ran it into the ground. It was classified as a problem building and was in Housing Court for six years. It was foreclosed on; the bank that owned it took several years to rehab it into an inhabitable state.

Now there is a community meeting scheduled to discuss a zoning change requested by Sarah's Circle's which would involve razing it and putting a new seven-story building in its place.

We would hate to see that happen to this vintage building (aka 1001-1017 West Leland and 4654 North Sheridan). We think highly of Sarah's Circle, and would like to see them continue to expand and grow in Uptown. But surely there are better locations that would not involve the destruction of an attractive rehabbed building that goes back nearly a century?
  • 4921 North Sheridan, the site of the long-gone Vietnamese supermarket, comes to mind. 
  • So does 4445 North Sheridan, the now-shuttered Unique Thrift Store site.
The community meeting will be held on Monday, December 12, at 7pm, at Sarah's Circle, 4838 North Sheridan.

Per Truman Square Neighbors' Facebook page:
"You are invited to attend a community meeting hosted by Alderman Cappleman that will take place next Monday, December 12 at 7:00 p.m. at Sarah’s Circle located at 4838 N Sheridan Rd.

Background: Sarah's Circle is expanding their physical footprint to serve more women. The agreement to purchase their adjacent property that the community agreed to up-zone in February fell through.They are now purchasing a property farther south at 4654 N. Sheridan at the southeast corner of Sheridan and Leland. Alderman Cappleman would like your feedback on the proposal to up-zone this property for this project.

The architects, Perkins + Will will be there to discuss the purpose of the zoning change, the new design, and answer any questions you may have regarding the current and proposed buildings. I have attached the plans, including the front (Sheridan) and north (Leland) elevations. Additionally, Kathy Ragnar, Executive Director of Sarah's Circle, other staff, and board members will be in attendance to answer any questions you may have about the organization and their programs."
You can see full architectural plans of the proposed new building in the comments of that post.


  1. What happened to their proposal to buy the building south of their current structure and expand there? That seems closer to their existing operation and much more logical. And as their current location shows, they can reuse an existing structure and modernize it successfully. I would hate to see the loss of this beautiful old building and those terra cotta faces that have watched over Leland and Sheridan for so many years.

  2. This city just loves to crap all over its history, doesn't it?

  3. That building is home to a Thai restaurant that has been an anchor to the neighborhood for over 30 years. If the neighborhood does not support Siam Noodle and Rice restaurant it is a shame. and a loss of many jobs for the neighbors.

  4. I've worked at the restaurant at 4654 N. Sheridan for many many years. The restaurant, Siam Noodle and Rice, has been part of the neighborhood for 30 years! I've met kind, wonderful people who've become regular patrons. I've seen customers who were singles got married, their children growing up, going or had gone to college, and some are now having children of their own. It saddens me that the neighborhood may lose a 30-year-old business and a beautiful vintage building. For me, this is my livelihood; the restaurant is all I know. I understand that it is a "problem" building and respect the wishes of the neighborhood if the building were to be re-zoned; but my hope is for a landlord who can give the building a little TLC and for Siam Noodle and Rice to serve the Uptown community for another 30 years!

  5. Can someone please update this article as to what the result was of the meeting? I had intended to go, but stuff happens....

    1. The block club (Truman Square Neighbors) will vote and send the results to Ald. Cappleman.

  6. Yes, Recently at a zoning hearing Aldermnan Cappleman was in support of the building while the neighborhood group that is nearest to the proposed project, Truman Square Neighbors, voted No on letting Sarah's Circle build here. The neighborhood is saturated with these kinds of support services. Time for the neighbors to speak up!

  7. Siam Noodle has already moved to another location in Buena Park.