Friday, December 23, 2016

Man, 47, Shot At Leland & Malden

A 47-year-old man was shot Thursday night at Leland and Malden around 9:25.

Readers report hearing two shots fired, and then seeing a lot of first responders arrive at the southwest corner of the intersection, including police and an ambulance. Police blocked off Leland and Malden, as well as the alleys in the area, while they investigated.

According to news reports, the man is in stable condition after suffering gunshot wounds in the right hand and right leg. He was taken to Illinois Masonic for treatment.


  1. Was he the intended target? Any word on a motive or if there is a suspect? There are a lot of ne'er–do–wells wandering along Leland from there to Broadway. All of them can be traced to the abundance of SROS or the CHA homes in the area and none are up to anything productive.

    Also where were the gun toting security guards that loiter at that very corner?

  2. Ah, another shooting in Uptown. Same-old, same-old.

  3. 5SNHOTS IN FRONT OF 4300 marine at 315pm today 2 men shot, white caddie involved anyone know anything! .....cops and sucurity everywhere!

  4. But have no fear, Cappy is focused on keeping homeless housing vs fixing the crime issue