Monday, December 19, 2016

A Note From North Side Supportive Housing On The Men's Shelter Closure

Many people are understandably concerned and distraught about the closure of the men's overnight shelter at Preston Bradley Center.  One thing that really stood out in all the press conferences and protests to keep the shelter running was the lack of involvement by people who work at the shelter itself, the board of which threatened to close it last June and announced the closure last September.

Now, the shelter operators have updated its website to say that the shelter will not be reopening and offering some suggestions:
"It has been brought to our attention that there are several GoFundMe pages raising funds to prevent the closure of our Interim Housing program. Please be forewarned that these campaigns are NOT being administered by North Side Housing & Supportive Services and we have no control over the usage or administration of these funds.

Additionally, because of insufficient City funding and the ongoing IL state budget impasse, the shelter will indeed close on December 23rd regardless of private funds being raised. We need far beyond the suggested $100k to keep the shelter open and funded in a sustainable fashion.

That being said, we are touched and honored by the outpouring of support from the community and will continue to work toward ending homelessness in Chicago. If you would like to donate to our other programs serving the Chicago’s homeless population (including permanent supportive housing for 192 individuals and a drop-in center for men and women living on the streets and in shelters) you can do so here.

We wish circumstances were much different and appreciate your support.

Best Regards,
Richard Ducatenzeiler
Executive Director
North Side Housing & Supportive Services"

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