Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Bar On Buena Holding "Beer Election" Tonight With Results on Big Screen

The Bar On Buena (910 W Buena) and Anchor Brewing are teaming up tonight to host an election everyone can get behind.

It's a face-off between the classic Anchor Steam Ale and a newer offering, Anchor Dry-Hopped Steam Ale. “Polls” will open at 6pm, with a side-by-side pairing of each beer offered. Guests will be encouraged to “cast ballots” for the beer they think is best, with the winner being announced at 9pm.

Election coverage will be shown on the projector, for those interested in watching. Sound is available, if requested. Otherwise, an upbeat playlist to help people forget the times in which everyone is living will be played. $2 Tacos will be available.

The Facebook Event Page is here.

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