Monday, November 21, 2016

Ald. Cappleman: Drug Bust In Uptown Results In 35 Arrests

via Ald. Cappleman's latest email:

"In the last few days, both the 19th & 20th Police Districts arrested 35 individuals for selling illegal drugs in the Uptown area. I want to thank our police officers for their great work done to address this type of illegal activity.

I will work closely with the 19th and 20th District CAPS offices and the State's Attorney's Community Justice Center to attend the court hearings in order to send the judge the message that our community will not tolerate activity that brings down our community.

Additionally, all of you are invited to a series of Uptown neighborhood activities with the police for the purpose of showing everyone that we take public safety seriously in the 46th Ward. 

Some of the activities on Tuesday, Nov. 22 include:

When: 11am
Where: Sheridan/Wilson intersection
19th Police District outdoor roll call

When: 11am - Noon
Where: Truman College at 1145 W. Wilson
19th District CAPS information table

When: 1pm - 2pm
Where: Weiss Plaza & Hickory Playlot at 4834 N. Winthrop
20th Police District positive loitering

When: 7pm
Where: Wilson L Station
19th Police District outdoor roll call

As I have said before, it's our work together with the Police that can make our community safer and better for everyone."


  1. Do we know if they live in the district or are they from the southside?

    1. Looks like a lot of them are in subsidized housing or shelters. While these people obviously have committed serious crimes, I think the housing correlation is indicative of the problems we have in our community.

  2. Great. Now lock em up for 15 years. Then go to all Uptown 1/2 houses that serve/fuel as/the drug markets and subsequently create the impetus for violence. Go to Mercy's Malden Arms any day and you will see what I'm taking about. They are complicit.

    1. Not only Malden Arms but the one at Sheridan/Argyle as well. Police are there all the time. I know, I live directly across the street.

    2. Yep. Malden Arms is ridiculous. I see plenty of it near The Darlington also. If we really tried and weren't afraid of the race card, tons of justified arrests could be made in a matter of days.

  3. link to where they say they live.