Saturday, October 22, 2016

Westboro Outnumbered, Outclassed, Outloved By Counter-Protesters

The hate group known as Westboro Baptist Church has the transgender community on its radar these days (spoiler alert: they don't approve). Ten members of the Phelps family (i.e., WBC) decided to come to Uptown Friday morning for a half hour demonstration at Weiss Memorial Hospital, which performs gender reassignment surgery at its facility. Ald. Cappleman's office quickly arranged a peaceful counter-protest. This is how it went:

There were 60-70 protesters waiting, and WBC left after about 20 minutes. Well done, Uptown! (Photos courtesy of Caitlin McElroy.)

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  1. The sign that states "WBC are Dodgers fans - Go Cubs" is framed and is hung in my office.