Friday, October 7, 2016

Finishing Touches On Argyle Streetscape Going In

Thursday afternoon, one of the last details was added to the Argyle Streetscape: the "identifier" at the concrete pedestrian island on Broadway at Argyle.

It matches the much-discussed "Asia on Argyle" theme over at the Red Line station, which was designed back in 2009 with community input.

Residents had a chance to vote on the appearance of this identifier back in 2014, and while it doesn't exactly match either option on the ballot, close enough for government work. Option A(ish) it is!

With this done, it seems like most of the work is complete on Chicago's first shared street. There are still a few work vans parked near the Sheridan side. But with the trees planted, the pavers in, and the parking boxes restored, it seems to be just about finished.

We noticed that most of the vehicles parked on Argyle have gotten with the program, with two-way traffic restored and most parked cars lining up along the dark grey pavers instead of jutting out into the street. There are still a few who haven't figured it out, but it looks a lot better than it did just a month ago. In fact, driving on Argyle seems pretty easy these days.

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