Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Drive-By Shooting in Sheridan Park Leaves Man Dead (Updated)

Around 3:45 this afternoon, there was a drive-by shooting in Sheridan Park. A 25-year-old man was shot five times in the torso and leg. He was taken to Masonic Hospital in critical condition. The shots were fired from a passing SUV.

Eyewitness reports say it happened on the 4400 block of Racine. Initial police reports indicated the location as the 4400 block of Magnolia, but they were later corrected to reflect Racine as the site of the murder.

Police have the streets blocked off and are investigating. Truman College issued a safety alert to its students.

More details as they become available.

Update: According to the Tribune, the man was pronounced dead at Illinois Masonic Hospital. Tragic.

Update: The murder victim has been identified as Tramell Williams.


  1. Chicago Tribune reported that the victim was DOA at the hospital.

  2. Why does this keep happening here? Why can't the police stop the violence? I was thinking of walking west on Montrose, past Racine to Clark St. (since the Montrose bus doesn't run on Montrose!) Scratch that idea.

  3. This is a tragedy that anyone losses their life.

    The reason this keeps happening is very simple. The alderman and Mayor don't care. They are more focused on other things example: Cappelman has posted more about phone banking for Hillary, Last I knew IL votes Democrat so why all the push? Rahm and the others are more focused on why they can't get discounted Cubs tickets.

    The problem isn't that hard, We need Alderman and a mayor to support the police and let them know they will be backed. The police are scared that when they do their job the ramifications are going to cost them. We also need the judges to enforce the laws and not be scared to give the maximum sentence.

    1. Right, because back in the good ol' days when the cops could do what they pleased with citizens and get away with it (think John Burge) there were never any murders in the city. Oh wait, murder rates were actually higher during the Burge era than now? How can that be? Maybe you have no idea what you are talking about and just want to bash politicians.

  4. From the archives of this blog concerning the William's...

    Now then, the question begs...

    WHY is this family of criminals allowed to live off the taxpayer dime in subsidized housing????

    1. I wonder why was he here, in Uptown? I thought he was gone - as in banned from CHA property - as of mid-2015. I thought his Mom relocated into a smaller, better managed CHA unit in another neighborhood. That building, with on-site management, could make sure that the 4 Williams brothers (Oh, yes, there are more.) could not illegally reside in and do their criminal acts in public housing. Was he residing here, in Uptown again? If so, where? And are his brothers also here so that we have to worry about being the in the crossfire of retaliation shootings? We potentially already have the Sims family going after the shooter of their family member. I pity you folks who live in that area. Yikes!

    2. Tramell Williams died right outside the front door of Voice of the People 4431 N Racine building. He has lived there since Sheri Gamble and her boys got ousted from CHA building across the street.

      Mom's best friend and drinking party buddy lives across the street at 4431 N Racine. Tramell moved in, had 2 more babies, and that's just part of the mystery of where in Sheridan Park do the rest of the living Williams brother live?

    3. So nice that Voice of the People takes in tenants that CHA forces out for illegal activity. What a wonderful low income housing provider to have as an Uptown neighbor. How much money does the City of Chicago and Illinois give to them each year? How much Shiller TIF money didn't they get? Why are they still in business when, for year after year, they've operated their buildings as gang headquarters?

    4. From a 2012 article called Housing & Crime in Uptown-----

      In January, Chicago police ended a five-month investigation of a $500,000-a-year drug ring in Uptown by arresting six members of the Black P Stones.

      Four of the men live in buildings managed by the Chicago Housing Authority and Community Housing Partners L.P., a partnership between non-profit developer Voice of the People Uptown Inc. and the Chicago Community Development Corp.

      Cook County court records show that as of July 2009, nearly 100 residents with addresses at eight properties managed by the Community Housing Partners pairing have faced more than 150 criminal charges.

      The two companies have also received a share of close to $21 million in TIF funds and more than $3 million in developer fees since 2006, according to City of Chicago Department of Community Development.

      "And yet," said community activist Katharine Boyda about the agency, "they are not responsible for maintaining safe, affordable housing."

      Two Community Housing Partners properties with a total of 53 apartment units are on Boyda's block. In a July 2010 letter to Anthony Fusco Jr., president of the Chicago Community Development Corp., Boyda and a group of neighbors expressed their concern about how the neighborhood has "suffered from gang violence and open drug sales that have escalated in the past few years."

      Only homeowners signed the letter because other residents of subsidized housing "fear retribution, especially from violent people," Boyda said. At least one individual, a known gang leader, still lives in one of Fusco's properties with his mother, despite one property manager's shared frustration and assurance that the firm wanted the family out "very badly," Boyda said.

      During his campaign, new alderman James Cappleman discussed plans to create a building managers' group that he would be "strongarming some building owners who have poor business practices to participate in."

      "We'll do everything we can to ensure that the buildings are safe for the residents of the surrounding community," Cappleman said in a debate shortly before the April 5 runoff election.

      Representatives from the Community Housing Partners companies - Voice of the People and the Chicago Community Development Corp. - did not respond to requests for interviews for this story.


  5. Can't find any information online yet, but there was ANOTHER shooting right in front of Truman near the subway.

  6. If this is always happening in the same location why can't they keep these gang members from loitering in the area. Everyday I drive by that area and they are all still there loitering with the police doing nothing to move them along. Plus someone buy that damn men's hotel already because that building along with all the other special service buildings along Clifton are what keeps all these criminals just loitering around. What's the purpose of building a multimillion station when you'll still have the same folks loitering around. CTA just buy them out or all the millions you already invested will be a waste of money.