Thursday, October 6, 2016

Aggressive Energy Salespeople Back In Uptown

Received from a reader in Truman Square:
"I live at 47[xx] Kenmore and work from home. There are teams of people from Just Energy going down the street ringing doorbells today. They told me it was to check up on a smart meter we just had installed. We did just have the smart meter installed and at first I thought they were legit.

Then they made a mistake. They mentioned they were helping to get my building converted to green energy. I am the condo association president so I knew this was a lie.

They wanted to see both my electric and gas bills. I told them I wasn't going to show them to anyone. The guy contradicted himself and said I didn't have to but I needed to fill out a form to say the smart meter upgrade went smoothly. I told him I wasn't going to sign anything. I told him I was happy with my provider. He told me I was going to be 'infected with a rate increase' unless I signed his form.

These people look like they are really with Just Energy, they have hand-held computers, and company hats, lanyards and shirts. I don't think they're trying to use a false story to just get inside.

But they are very aggressive and doing the hard sell. They contradicted themselves mid-stream and then lied about my building converting to green energy.

I am telling you this so your readers can be prepared if they come to their doors."
We are not opposed to people trying to earn a living. We understand it's a rough gig doing cold calls. So if you are interested in getting your energy costs reduced, listen to what they have to say and make a decision about whether Just Energy is for you.

But don't show them your energy bills or sign anything without knowing exactly what you're getting into. Remember that you can ask them to leave your property if you are uncomfortable with them. This has been happening in Uptown, and presumably all over the city, for years now, and we have yet to hear anyone with a good story about one of these encounters.

Here are a few articles from Just Energy encounters:


  1. I post this link every time I see a story about this type of thing. In this case, it's actually about the same company, "Just Energy".

  2. Beware. Many of those alternative energy companies promise low rates. But after a few months, the rates increase. Before you know it, you're paying 2 or 3 times the market rate.

  3. We have the same thing going on in West Ridge (Peterson & Western). They go door-to-door - we have Constellation Energy, Just Energy, and First Energy Solutions have all knocked on my door (single family). This all started right about when our SmartMeter was installed as well. Luckily they cannot get into my backyard, otherwise I am sure they would just help themselves. They are usually younger (early 20's) kids with the same setup as mentioned in the article along with a laminated ComEd and People's Energy bill. I've research and the rate (decimal 5-digit .xxxxx) is 5 times higher than ComEd and People's Gas natively. Always stick with the native supplier, you'll gain nothing with a third party.