Saturday, September 3, 2016

Man, Teenager Shot In Parked Car Near Argyle/Sheridan

We got several reports from readers who heard 7-10 shots fired in the vicinity of Argyle and Sheridan around 8:35pm.  It ended up being a double shooting.

A man and a 17-year-old boy were sitting in a parked car in the alley between Kenmore and Sheridan on the 4900 block (between Argyle and Ainslie). They were each shot in the back. They drove themselves to Weiss Hospital, where the Sun-Times says their conditions have been stabilized.

For over a year, Ald. Osterman has been saying that the 20th District has had extra patrols along the Winthrop/Kenmore corridor around Argyle. We've seen them ourselves. Tonight's shootings were a bold move in light of what is usually an increased police presence.

We will update with more information as and if it is released.

Update: Neither victim is said to be cooperating with the police. That's usually the sign of a targeted gang shooting. Why is this not surprising?

Update: Surprising absolutely no one, DNAinfo says, "Police said both people are documented gang members."


  1. They did have a cop car or two .. But that stopped awhile ago.

  2. About 15 minutes after police arrived on the scene there was a gang activity alert sent out to officers in the area. Seems like the car and/or the victims were known to CPD.

  3. Would anyone know if there are cameras around that areas?
    The two victims know who did it, but I betcha they don't cooperate with the police.

  4. How do you get shot in the back while sitting in a car? From the back seat? Through the windows while crouching in terror on the floor? I don't get that part. Seems it had to be at pretty close range. I'll take off my CSI hat and let the police figure this one out.

    So sad more lives are lost in this senseless gang violence.