Thursday, September 1, 2016

Both Buena Circle & Gooseberry Playlots Getting Upgraded

Rendering of new Buena Circle Playlot
Rendering of Gooseberry Playlot
You may have noticed lots of construction activity at two of Uptown's playlots, namely Buena Circle at Buena and Kenmore, and Gooseberry at 4648 N. Malden. Both playlots are getting some major upgrades courtesy of Chicago Plays! and the Chicago Park District. Check out the renderings above to get an idea of what to expect when they are completed.


  1. The problem with Gooseberry wasn't the equipment. The problem is that no residents not living in the Section 8 dump next to the playlot or in the Cornerstone flat north of that can actually go there without fearing for the safety of their children. I have lived here for 6+ years and would never take my kids there and that's a damned shame.

  2. That is so true,I live right by there also. Its not safe for the tax paying citizens.

  3. I still won't be going and I live in the corner stone building
    To many drive bys and shootings near that area no thanks
    A man was shot in the park last year and another in the alley behind it I'll take my children to chase park more room to run and play and no need to dodge bullets while doing so