Friday, September 30, 2016

24 Townhomes Proposed For 4740 N. Clark

Proposal for 4740 N. Clark (Axios Architects)
Current buildings along proposed site
A proposal for 24 townhomes has been shared on Ald. Pawar's website. The site is just south of a recently rehabbed building and steps from Chase Park. C4 (Community Counseling Centers of Chicago) currently occupies the site and was experiencing financial trouble last year but was kept afloat due to a deal with CountyCare, Cook County Health & Hospitals System's Medicaid health plan. No word on where C4 will be relocating if this proposal moves forward and no units designated as "affordable" in the proposal.


  1. Aren't there already enough unoccupied housing units and more than enough unoccupied retail spaces along Clark St south of Foster?

    1. Agree with you about too much retail. However, this project doesn't include retail and housing (Especially this size) is in low supply. Almost all of the luxury condo's at the corner of Clark and Lawrence sold months before the units were completed.

  2. Agree that there is too much unoccupied retail along Clark Street south of Foster- that's why this plan has no retail. As far as unoccupied housing, that is not the case.