Friday, August 12, 2016

Weather Permitting, Positive Loitering Tonight, 6pm-7pm

From Uptown Chicago Commission:

"Positive Loitering will take place this evening between 6PM and 7PM. The location will again be Wilson and Racine. Please join your neighbors in front of Jimmy John's. There was a definite change on the block when neighbors and police officers showed up last week.

Stop by for a few minutes or stay for the full hour. Bring a friend, bring a new neighbor, stop by on a dog walk, just come out! We have dog treats for your furry friends.

As always, the 19th District Police are aware of our presence and encourage participation."


  1. I appreciate the intention and effort behind these...However, it just doesn't do anything long-term...

    Sadly, the best solution is to put racial minority cops on Beats 1913 and 1914 (to avoid the delusional cries of racism and racial profiling) and do surveillance outside of the MANY FHA SROs and apartments in the Ward. This is where most of the DOCUMENTED gang members of the area live and/or "do business". Ever take a stroll past The Darlington at night? Good lord...

    It wouldn't take more than a couple of nights to get plenty of valid arrests for possession and/or sale of drugs or firearms.

  2. Agree partially with the above poster, you're right about the part about positive loitering not doing anything long-term.

    As far as putting minority cops on the above Beats not so much. If you know anything about any of the cops in this area the problem is, as I see it, they're out of sight out of mind most of the time. Unless there's been a shooting when they all come out of the woodwork, you really don't see them hardly at all working the Beat. If you see them they're usually riding past in their cars/SUV's not actively looking for gangbangers, drug dealers, etc.

    How do we as citizens get them to do their job? Nothing. You can complain all you want, go to meetings, etc. Their jobs are protected, they're gov't employees. Change their protected status and then we'll get somewhere. Until then, more of the same!