Friday, July 15, 2016

Hong Ngu To Open Next To Argyle Red Line Station

According to Eater Chicago, a new restaurant from the co-owner of Anna's Asian Grill & Sushi Bar on Irving Park will open in the former space of Vinh Phat (1113 West Argyle). In an email with Eater Chicago, owner Oanh Ngo said, "Most of the restaurants on Arygle are old fashioned and very busy with their decor. We keep the traditions of Asia like the street food decor inside without putting 100 dishes on the menu."

Ms. Ngo also just opened a Taiwanese shaved ice shop at Racine and Grace this past week, called Snow Junkie. It doesn't look like much is going on at 1113 West Argyle at the moment, but we hope to see signs of life before long.

Vinh Phat has a big green "REVOKED" sign on its front door. Not sure what that's about; anyone know?


  1. I hope the new owners will call 911 on the drug dealers that hang out on the sidewalk there.

  2. Things are happening now. Demolition already started. 😀