Thursday, July 21, 2016

Broadway & Wilson Development Approved By Truman Square Neighbors Block Club

Night rendering of 4601 N. Broadway proposal, looking NE (MX3 Architects)
Residents of Truman Square voted overwhelmingly (86-9) to approve the zoning change required to construct an 11 story transit oriented development on the NE corner of Broadway and Wilson. Ballots were cast online and by paper ballots that were distributed around Truman Square. Residents living in the boundaries of Broadway to Sheridan and Lawrence to Wilson were eligible to vote.

The proposal includes 197 residential rental units. 80% of the units will be studios, but NOT the "micro-studios" that some are familiar with. The remaining 20% will be a mix of one and two bedroom units. Retail will comprise the entire ground floor and will be a mix of multiple storefronts.

Next stop for the proposal will be the next 46th Ward Zoning & Development meeting where it will be voted on by Uptown block clubs and other Uptown organizations.


  1. Happy to see it's moving forward--that corner, and all of Uptown--certainly needs it. But I do wish they'd tweak that design. It overpowers everything around it.

    Also, there's something amiss about the perspective drawing. Either the windows are really yuuuuge (as illustrated they seem taller than the cars on the street, or someone has the scale of the whole thing wrong.

    1. Drawings are just that. final drawings I'm sure we will see soon in proper perspective . is just wonderful the addition to the neighborhood will help clean up that intersection. Also it's great to see more modern mid rises in the hood instead of that old nostalgia crap Buena Park insists on. The juxtaposition of old and new design can exist and makes a hood more interesting. I live in new ultra modern mid rise and love it as I'm an original resident of uptown since birth

    2. To the developer, please let it stay like the initial drawing, and not turn into another boring red brick box, lock most of the others turn out to be...

  2. It does look pretty dramatic at night; I'll give it that. Hope they can land a first quality restaurant or retailer or two or three....

  3. I'm sure that's the plan and will give reason for me and my family to walk the neighborhood rather than driving and parking out front illegally.

  4. Trust me, I want nothing else than for Uptown to finally turn...This intersection has been one of the biggest reasons why it hasn't.

    The real estate developments are a great start but crime will never go away, permanently, until there is an increased (and more strict) police presence as well as some real judges to handle cases.

    This intersection is a known border for gangs in the area. And, I believe the gangs are mostly funded by the junkies who live in and/or hang around The Hazelton, The Darlington, Wilson Men's Hotel, etc...Let's wait for the perpetual, delusional outcries of "gentrification" bullsh*t.

  5. Not sure on the scale, but article says 11 stories, yet the drawing seems to only have 8 including the retail at ground level.

  6. I think this is a great addition, and something to look forward to. I would like to see it taller though, we can use the height. It should also force some of the other derelict buildings to clean up and they would then enhance each other even more.