Saturday, July 9, 2016

Bike Tire Thefts On The Rise

We hate to have to run stories like this, but it's an annual event. There are predators who look for any opportunity to take something that isn't theirs. Here is the story and some words of advice to bike owners from a reader who was the victim of a theft. Take precautions, as he advises.

"It’s summer and the crime increasing.  I am writing to share the story of my bike tire being stolen from within the locked, gated yard of my building so you may share it with other, local readers.

This morning, Saturday July 9th, I went to ride my bike and discovered that my front tire had been stolen.  I last saw the tire when I rode my bike on Monday, July 4th and got home around midnight.  I have zero faith in recovering the tire, but did file a police report with District 19 Chicago Police.

I had the bike frame locked with my U-lock, but neither tire was secured through the lock.  The worker at the bike store I went to to buy the new $125 tire and rim lives in the area and said he has heard of more and more similar stories: locked up in a gated area and tires and parts have still been stolen.  I figured a large, locked gate was locked enough, and I was wrong.  I will be fully locking my tires now.  The bike store had previously suggested removing the quick releases as well, and I may do that now.

I hope no one else in the area needs to have their bikes victimized and that we catch the thief."

There are also some good tips on avoiding tire theft in the comments to this 2013 post.


  1. u-lock plus cable running from both wheels.

  2. Take a look at pinhead locks. You can lock your tires and a criminal can't get them off. You can buy them at Uptown Bikes.

  3. I never like to hear these stories...I remember having my seat stolen and riding home standing up... I hope these thieves have something stolen from them, so they can know the feeling...

  4. do not use cable lock for tires. they can be cut really easy , almost like not having it on. Pinheads work well. its worth the money. if you have ever had to buy a new back tire you will agree that the cost of the pinheads are much cheaper.