Friday, June 17, 2016

Gang-Related Shooting At Leland/Racine @3AM

From Ald. Cappleman's weekly newsletter:
"SHOOTING TODAY AT 1140 W. LELAND. Just before 3am today, 2 males in their 20's were shot in their legs and are reported to be in good condition. Per Commander Cesario, the incident was gang related.

I will be joining neighbors in the area today at 6pm to do some positive loitering at Racine & Wilson. Please consider joining me and we can discuss actions to address this."
We heard from plenty of readers who were awoken by shots fired at 3:02. Apparently a passing police car was flagged down on Wilson within minutes (along with cries of "he's shot, he's shot"), and the EMTs at the firehouse were alerted at the same time. Both were on the scene shortly. The area was taped off and when it was light enough, the police started the search for shell casings, which lasted into the morning.

No surprise that this was gang-related. We'd really like to know if the shooters and/or victims are local, and who is providing housing to people whose only goal is to cause chaos in our community.


  1. So glad Cappy is focused on the real problem. If we get rid of Cappy crime will go down. We need a real tough alderman that isn't a puppet

  2. Housing is the key. What low-rent housing is in the area? I hope Cappleman is on top of it. Those men taken to the hospital have IDs and addresses.

  3. Perhaps it's way past time that we install cameras on every corner? Look to Detroit for guidance:

  4. @Crazy in uptown, since when does the alderman control when and where shootings take place? His predecessor had high crime rates in the ward, it was more violent in the 80's and 90's.

  5. @Lianna, perhaps we should install tracking devices on people, get rid of the second amendment, and bring in the thought police. Maybe you could post a live feed from your house.