Monday, May 2, 2016

Uplift High School Seniors Make Headlines With 62 College Acceptances, Scholarships

You may have heard the news last week about Chicago twins Deprice and Shaprice Hunt, who were accepted into a combined 62 colleges (and counting). Their accomplishments were featured by the WGN Morning Show, Huffington Post, NBC national news, and even Teen Vogue. In addition to their college acceptances, they both had perfect attendance records and received scholarships totaling over $1.6million.

What we didn't realize -- until we saw it in Market Watch, of all places -- is that Deprice and Shaprice attend Uplift High School, right here in Uptown.

Congratulations to two young adults who are already making headlines. We look forward to hearing more about their future successes.

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  1. Where are all the commenters?! This is fantastic!! Congratulations to the students and to Uplift! This is wonderful.