Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Results of the DUI Strike Force Last Saturday

Here's the final tally of the CPD's task force on Lake Shore Drive last Saturday between 7pm and 3pm. An unquantifiable result is that we heard from several residents on Marine Drive that it was the best night of sleep they got in weeks, since the motorcycle "wolf packs" were noticeably absent that night.
  • Driving Under the Influence — 0
  • Unsafe Vehicle Violations — 34
  • Speeding Violations — 27
  • Insurance Violations — 9
  • Driver's License Violations — 9
  • Traffic Violations (Other) — 51
  • Total Citations — 130
  • Other Arrests — 0
  • Vehicles Towed — 1
It's a shame they weren't still there when a Rogers Park man was killed in a drive-by shooting shortly after 5am. Doubtful it would have happened with full police saturation of the Drive.


  1. Its sad that they were out there to had out tickets
    But can't be out the to make it safer for the drive

  2. It was never supposed to be anything other than a revenue grab for the broke ass city!