Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Rendering For Residential Building on Irving Park Revealed

rendering by Craft Architecture LLC
screen capture from Google Streetview, Summer 2014

According to Ald. Cappleman, East Lake View Neighbors has approved an upzoning request (from B2-2 to B2-3) at 927-931 Irving Park made by developer Dave Gassman. This helps clear the way for a 28-unit, 5-story elevator TOD (transit-oriented development) building to go up at the site of the now-demolished vintage, sagging one-story building that had been there since 1919.

You can see full renderings here and specifications here.

While this is in Lakeview, it's right across the street from Uptown, specifically across the street from the blocks-long Thorek Hospital parking lot. And that brings us to a thought:


  1. This building is nothing if not bland.

    What a pity they didn't save the terra cotta ornamentation from the old structure on the site for inclusion into this piece of crap.

  2. I love it! (I'm to lazy to look up the TOD requirements, but 14 spaces for 28 units might be a 50% minimum. Still, seems they neglected a bike room!

    1. I'm pretty sure the new TOD ordinance eliminated parking requirements altogether.

  3. There are a few newer buildings on the west side of Broadway around 5900-6200 north that are similar to this building in height, but much better looking. I suggest the owner and architect take a gander at them.

    Here's a gander at one. Honk honk.

    Bon apetit. It's not a great looking building, but it's better than the design in question.

    There's another building south of there that is also better, but I'm sick of trying to manipulate google street view to find it.

    You sad, sad readers of Uptown Update aren't worthy of the effort.

  4. This is a bad looking building. Why the neighborhood association is not asking for more is anyone's guess. No apologies--we deserve much better looking architecture.

  5. Mike, what makes the proposed building bad is the way it's treated at grade level. The blank wall beside the tiny, insignificant entrance, and the way the entry is not centered ,all wreck the appearance of what would otherwise be an acceptable "background" building. It is like a human face with all the features on one side. A larger entrance in the dead center would be a minor change that would make all the difference in the world in the appearance of the building and its relationship to the street.

  6. I hope, but seriously doubt, that the architects read North Coast May's comments and revise their design--before it's too late.