Saturday, May 21, 2016

Household Items Donation Drive For Formerly Homeless Veterans

As part of its program to ensure that homeless veterans have housing, the City of Chicago is holding the Operation Help-A-Hero citywide household item collection drive to assist the transition into permanent housing. Throughout the month of June, residents can donate new, store bought products for a formerly homeless veteran at one of more than 70 designated drop-off locations throughout the City.

A complete list of the items sought is on the website. It includes
  • Personal Hygiene Items (e.g., Bath Soap, Shampoo, Razor, Shaving Cream, Deodorant, more items listed)
  • Kitchen and Cleaning Items (e.g., Plastic Kitchen Trash Can, Windex, Pine Sol, Dishwashing Liquid, Sponge, more items on list)
  • Bathroom & Miscellaneous Items (e.g., Shower Curtain, Toilet Paper (4 or 6 pack), Plunger, Bath Towels (2), Hamper, more items on list)
Throughout June, items can be donated during regular business hours at any aldermanic office and at selected Chicago parks (Welles Park is the closest park collection site to Uptown). A complete list of all collection points and items requested is here.

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