Saturday, May 28, 2016

"Chicago's Best" To Film At La Ciudad On June 7th

Finally, one of Uptown's homegrown restaurants has been discovered by local media! We've loved La Ciudad since a reader wrote us about them back in December 2009. They've helped feed the homeless during the holidays, have brought appetizers out for positive loiterers, and have provided many memorable meals over the years.

In a few days, WGN's Chicago's Best will be doing a segment on La Ciudad (4515 N Sheridan) and you can be part of it:

"Join us for dinner on Tuesday, June 7th and be a part of this special night.  Taping begins at 5pm with Owner and Chef Hugo De La Rosa preparing La Ciudad's specialty, "Carne Tampiquena y Enchilada," for the cameras.

The cameras will continue to roll throughout the night with interviews by WGN personalities Brittney Payton and Elliott Bambrough.

Stop by and tell them why you think La Ciudad is the BEST Mexican Restaurant in the city!

Segment will air on Sunday, July 17th at 10pm."

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