Friday, April 22, 2016

Oops, I Did It Again

The hungry, greedy Lawrence viaduct needed a fix, so it grabbed a junk trunk for lunch.

It's just uncanny how often these things happen at this particular bridge. A vortex to the underworld, perhaps?


  1. This is very dangerous. The west side of the bridge is closer to the roadbed than the east. Since the warning bar was removed on the east side, trucks approaching from the east have no visual cue to alert them of the differing heights under the bridge. The chains where the bar was hanging are visible in the Google maps photo here:

    1. You can let the CTA know about the missing sign here:

  2. This seems like an easy situation to fix, my guess is the city has dropped the ball

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  4. I moved in to one of the units at 1107 W Lawrence back in 2004. I can't remember how soon after I moved in I first observed this, but it wasn't long. Probably saw this happen 10 - 15 times between 2004 and 2010 when I moved out. The cause is very obvious, and well-described by the first person posting here. The solution is SO SIMPLE, and SO CHEAP, and I just cannot understand why one of the people tasked with cleaning up the mess after one of these incidents hasn't made it happen. Hell, a good citizen could even set up a ladder in the middle of the night and solve the problem with a 2x4, and it would help prevent many thousands of dollars of property damage, much misery, and whatever damage is done to the tracks by the repeated blows. I tried once to contact the CTA about it, to no avail. Maybe a 311 report would help? Seems crazy this is still going on.