Tuesday, April 19, 2016

$6M Broadway Streetscape Begins, Full Steam Ahead

The scene just outside Bridgeview Bank at Lawrence & Broadway
A closer view of the ripped up sidewalks outside Starbucks

Soon you'll be able enjoy new sidewalks, lighting, art, trees, and safer passage across Broadway as part of a new $6M streetscape from Gunnison to Leland. Extensive electrical work under the vaulted sidewalk outside Bridgeview Bank at Lawrence and Broadway had been the holdup. Now that this is underway, expect major demo to begin soon.


  1. It's a bit unpleasant and difficult to get around Uptown because all of the construction, but I can't wait to see how much better the neighborhood looks after it's all done. Remember we can't make Uptown look beautiful without all this investment in the neighborhood!

  2. This whole area is going to be so much more inviting when it's all finished. Hopefully this will encourage more shoppers and generally good people to venture over to Broadway - which will push out the riff raff.

  3. Step by Step. It took a years to get Uptown to the bad state it was in, so it'll take some time to fix it.. but this looks promising.

  4. Agreed this is needed to bring in good people and keep the criminals away. Hopefully this will foster some decent retail to enliven the area. We've all been waiting too long...