Tuesday, April 26, 2016

20th District Police/Community Events This Week

In the aftermath of Monday's drug bust on Argyle, in which 16 individuals were arrested and four businesses were closed, Ald. Osterman and the 20th District police are holding community participation events this week, starting tonight.

From the latest email blast from the 48th Ward Office:

"The 20th District will be hosting numerous outreach events on Argyle this week.  Please join us for the following:

Tuesday 4/26
  • 5pm-7pm — Outdoor Roll Call at CTA station at 5pm on Argyle and pass out 20th CAPS tote bags
Wednesday 4/27
  • 11am-1pm — Ice Cream social at Argyle and Winthrop starting at noon.
  • 5pm-7pm — Positive Loitering at Argyle and Kenmore at 6:00pm
Thursday 4/28
  • 5pm-7pm — 20th District Information table and pass out CAPS Totes at Argyle and Winthrop at 5pm
Friday 4/29
  • 11am-1pm — Outdoor Roll Call at Argyle and Winthrop at 11:00am
  • 5pm-7pm — Positive loitering at Argyle and Broadway at 6:00pm
Saturday 4/30
  • 11am-1pm — CAPS Appreciation Day and CAPS Flyers. McDonalds on Argyle and Winthrop at 11:30am"


  1. There is no McDonalds at Argyle and Winthrope. You're thinking of Foster and Sheridan 2 blocks away.

    1. Yes, we noticed that in the alderman's newsletter. I imagine it will be corrected closer to the date.

  2. Just tried to take my kids to the ice cream social, it was definitely not happening at Argyle and Winthrop.

    1. That's a drag! Might be worth a call or email to Ald. Osterman's office to ask why. We never got a correction or cancellation notice. I'm sorry.