Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Stuck In The Middle With You

If you're wondering, as several readers have, why the police are diverting traffic on Lawrence at Broadway, here's why.

The vortex otherwise known as the Lawrence Red Line viaduct has just claimed another victim.

Thank you to reader JMM for documenting the latest in the viaduct's reign of terror.


  1. This happens too often for there NOT to be something wrong about the posted bridge height. Hopefully this will be taken care of when they revamp the station.

  2. This one's a bit more understandable because it's a rental truck. To all the folks who think there's something wrong with the posted height, the insurance companies would be all over the city/CTA if the posted height were wrong. So, I find it highly unlikely the posted height is wrong.

  3. It's Chicago. Nothing would surprise me here.