Wednesday, March 9, 2016

New Tracks & Temporary Stations Go Into Service March 21

The temporary station on the north side of Wilson Avenue
You heard it here first...

The sleek, new tracks that the CTA has been working so diligently on will go into service on Monday, March 21. You will also begin to use the temporary stations on Wilson under the tracks as well.

Expect the dismantling of the tracks currently in use to begin shortly thereafter.


  1. Does anyone know when the Sunnyside entrance/exit will be opened? I am pumped about it.

  2. CTA's construction schedule has a temporary EXIT at Sunnyside opening when the new southbound platform goes into service--so it will only be useful for southbound passengers exiting. I suspect that northbound trains will use the new southbound platform once the second track is built and demolition begins on the old platform and tracks, then that temporary *exit* will be available for northbound trains, too. The Sunnyside entrance isn't scheduled to be opened until the last phase, according to CTA, so don't hold your breath until Fall of 2017!