Monday, February 1, 2016

With Friends Like These....

William Shaw
In his weekly newsletter, Ald. Osterman talked about the shooting on Winona last week. He said, "Two persons of interest are being questioned by the Chicago Police Department in connection with this incident."

Indeed they were. William Grant, 26, and Royale Newell, 27, were arrested the same day as the shooting. According to a news release from the CPD, Newell has been charged with one count of Aggravated Battery with a Firearm and Grant has been charged with the same, as well as an additional charge having to do with an outstanding warrant.

Royale Newell
Here's the interesting thing: Both alleged attackers and the victim are part of the same gang, according to the Tribune. They knew each other. According to the Trib, the victim was driving down the street, Grant and Newell stopped him to have a conversation, and he was shot. So much for the myth of gang unity and loyalty. Another interesting thing: the victim ID'd both Grant and Newell for the cops. That's a real rarity.

The CPD gives Newell's address as the 1000 block of Hollywood, although his Facebook page puts his allegiances at Winona & Winthrop (along with photos of him holding his fingers in painful-looking arthritic postures). Grant's address is given as the 4100 block of Kenmore. The Trib says both of them have extensive felonies on their records dating back to 2007, which is right about the time they became adults in the eyes of the law. Real go-getters, these two.

Both appeared in bond court over the weekend. Shaw's bond was set at $950,000 and Newell's at $75,000, which gives a good indication as to which one is thought to have done the actual shooting. They both are scheduled to appear in Branch 42 of the Cook County Court this week, which is for "Felony Preliminary Hearings." At the moment, they are guests of the county at 26th & Cal.

Nice work by the 20th District Police in making the arrests the same day as the shooting occurred.

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