Friday, January 22, 2016

Walking In A Winter Wonderland

Reader C.A. wanted everyone to meet his new neighbor, kind of a solitary guy who likes to visit Graceland early in the morning and strike a pose.

Cemeteries are where coyotes are living the dream: lots of berries and small rodents (their preferred diet), easy water access, not a lot of human contact, and plenty of places to avoid detection.

For more about our neighbors (and there are lot of them out there), read 10 Fascinating Facts About Urban Coyotes. It ends with "Coyotes are here to stay and removing them is not and will never be an option. Our one and only path forward is coexistence." It looks like this guy has already gotten that message.


  1. They say you should make a lot of noise and scare of the coyotes when you see them. This keeps them wary of humans and causes them to stay clear of us. Which reduces potential conflicts between humans and coyotes; and pets I'm assuming.